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The artist may file a form 8829 for the home office deduction and will also be required to pay self-employment tax on his or her net income , as well as federal income tax. All these forms are part of the year-end 1040 income tax filing. As a self-employed artist, you will usually be required to pay estimated quarterly taxes using Form 1040-ES if your Federal tax liability is over $1,000 for the year. Most visual artists are considered “self-employed” in regard to filing their taxes.


Then that becomes a meals and entertainment accounting for artists, and you can deduct their portion of the check. Anytime you meet with a colleague or potential employer to discuss business, write off 50% of that coffee, meal, drink, etc. You can also deduct 100% of meals while you travel, or meals that you buy for your employees. Industry-specific classes count as deductions too, as long as the class is related to a specific gig you have booked OR is considered continuing education. Martial arts classes count if you are cast in a martial arts film, for example, but only AFTER you are cast and it becomes part of your job requirements. In addition to filing your federal taxes with the IRS, you will need to file taxes with your state.

Taxes for freelancers, artists, writers and psychotherapists

Keep in mind that you also can only deduct 50% of your meal costs. A Breakdown of Business Models for Artists | Plus, Free Business Plan Worksheet Sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, cooperative, or S Corp—which one is right for you? Learn more and then fill out the business plan worksheets to set a strong art business foundation.

  • You can only spend so long ignoring the money side of your art career before you find yourself unfulfilled personally, professionally, and financially.
  • In my practice I often find the mileage allowance method generally yields the highest deduction for straight automobile use.
  • New technologies — such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, virtual and augmented reality, social media and networked systems — drive us forward in what we think are more effective and efficient ways.

In so doing, you will pay less in taxes and you will be less likely to fall prey to erroneous tax information and disreputable or ill-informed advisors. As a final note, if the IRS ever audits you, your proof for business deductions, including your proof that you are conducting a business and not a hobby, will be in your record keeping. Just as in tracking your income make sure that the receipt shows the date of the expense, description of purchase, form of payment, amount of expense, sales tax charged on the expense and reason for purchase. The Federal government believes that if an artist is losing money year after year that you may have a hobby rather than a business.

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Small self-employed businesses have the option to use cash basis accounting and simplified expenses. HMRC introduced a £1,000 allowance for “hobby” activities in 2017 which make money. You no longer have to declare the income for taxation – and neither can you claim any expenses against tax. You might use this now as a benchmark as to whether or not HMRC might consider you to be trading. As long as the item or artwork in which you used the tax free materials is then sold, you can purchase tax free. If you purchase wholesale items that are for personal use, or do not go into the item you “make” directly, then you need to pay sales tax on those purchases.

How do freelance artists do taxes?

To pay your taxes as a freelance artist, you need to fill in Schedule C from your form 1040 for tax return. You also have to make sure that you pay your self-employment tax. When doing your taxes, ensure that you report all income you make, even if you do not receive a 1099-MISC.

With tax season right around the corner, Artwork Archive makes it easy to manage your business expenses. If you have coffee with a client, take a collaborator out for lunch, or have a dinner with a business partner—these costs can all be deducted at 50% as long as the purpose of the meal or event is to talk business. Keep your receipts, snap a picture, upload them into Artwork Archive, and make note of the purpose of the meal. Take a look at the list of common expenses that you can deduct as an artist. Artists often engage on many projects at once, each of which has a separate deadline. They are able to maintain tabs on their revenue and expenses, too.

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