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(16) He painted close to 900 paintings all through his occupation that lasted a decade.

(17) “Starry Night time,” which is now in the Museum of Modern Artwork at New York, is typically regarded as his most excellent work. Choose the best transitional term or phrase to use concerning sentences 14 and fifteen. A. In summary. C. In the meantime. rn(1) The Guinness Book of Globe Data was first posted in 1954.

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(2) The owner of Guinness Brewery, Sir Hugh Beaver, decided that it would be helpful to most persons to have a guide that contained environment data that could be employed to settle arguments. (3) Beaver enlisted the assistance of reality finders Norris and Ross McWhirter to compile the e-book. (four) They gave away one thousand copies of The Guinness Book of Information .

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(5) Certain copies grew to become available for sale in August 1955. (6) , the book went to the prime of Britain’s finest sellers checklist by Christmas.

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(seven) The next yr, the U. S. edition bought 70,000 copies. (eight) Beaver never expected Guinness Book to be so prosperous. (9) It was intended to just be a advertising and marketing giveaway.

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(ten) Additional than fifty years afterwards, the reserve is nonetheless publishing annually updates. Choose the changeover that best commences sentence 6. rn the ebook went to the leading of Britain’s most effective sellers list by Christmas. A. For that reason, B.

In conclusion, C. For case in point, D. Also,rn​ four. (1) It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and Cassie was sitting down on her garden with her favourite e book best essay writing service on reddit in her hand.

(two) She wasn’t the only 1 basking in the sun. (3) Her pet dog, Ozzy, sat upcoming to her, fortunately enjoying with his new chew bone. (4) The whole scene appeared so fantastic.

(5) Cassie realized that this perfection was brief-lived. (6) She would shortly shift out of her house to go to school. (7) she had several doubts and apprehensions in her thoughts about her foreseeable future, she saved them aside and determined to appreciate her time at residence. Which transitional phrase or phrase would best start off sentence 7? A. In fact B. While C.

Even so D. Equally. 5. Toniesha skipped driving class waiting around on her more mature brother to choose her up.

, he was at the shopping mall with his friends. Choose the changeover that most effective matches the blank. A. Meanwhile B. In other phrases C. For illustration D. Whether or not. 6. Guiliano states most of his journey experienced practically nothing to do with location a Guinness Environment Record. As a substitute, the excursions were similar to his task as a journalist. It wasn’t until eventually 2001 that 1 of his buddies instructed that he attempt for the record. On February 24, 2004 he traveled to London to show his globe history to Guinness with forty two passports. , he might in no way have been in a position to verify that he frequented all those people sites. Guiliano chose Suriname as the past sovereign point out to visit due to the fact it is the only Dutch speaking nation in Latin The us. He claimed the nation’s combine of ethnicities and cultures make it one particular of his favorites. Choose the changeover that greatest suits the blank. rn, he may well in no way have been in a position to confirm that he frequented all people places. A. Furthermore B. In any other case C. Despite the simple fact D. Even nevertheless. rn(one) Lakewood Junior High University learners made the decision to declare their unhappiness with various university rules.

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